Collinsville, OK Professional AC Tune-Up Services

There is good reason to be concerned if your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home sufficiently or is making strange noises. Before you start shopping for its replacement you may have it tuned up first. Sometimes, your unit needs to be given tender loving care to work like a new one. You can hire a certified professional to check over your unit, inspecting the various components, and diagnosing the issue.

Typically AC units will last about 10 years before you need to replace them and it’s recommended to have them serviced once a year to keep them running. If your system still has a few years left before hitting the 10-year mark, let an AC specialist take a look before paying out more money than is needed on a brand-new replacement.

Why is an AC tune-up necessary?

Air conditioning units and the entire HVAC system can wear down over time due to many parts and pieces it contains. Instead of waiting for something to break down, get your system checked beforehand so that you won’t have to go without an air conditioner for weeks.

During the inspection they will:

  • recalibrate the thermostat if needed
  • clean or replace the air filter
  • Search for any leaks or cracks
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • clean and straighten the coils and coil fins
  • clear the space in and around the unit from dirt and debris
  • remedy any safety hazards

All of these tuning points help prolong an air conditioning unit’s existence and increase the time between issues. Just like your vehicle, your AC unit requires regular maintenance to work effectively. If you don’t get your device checked regularly, you could receive higher energy bills, notice different temperature levels at certain parts of the house and several more problems could occur.

Since air conditioners are typically used only during summer, some homeowners do not find an issue until they turn it on during the warm season for the first time. Experts recommend having your air conditioner inspected in the spring before it gets too warm. Nobody wants to suffer in stifling temperatures because their AC unit isn’t up to the task of cooling their home.

Do I need a tune-up or a total replacement?

If you are unfamiliar with air conditioners, you might not be able to tell when your unit has reached the end of the road or only needs some maintenance. If you are unsure, a professional can come in to inspect your unit and help give you an answer. See the following list to help you decide if a total replacement is in order or you may just need a tune-up.

The thermostat isn’t working

We understand how frustrating it can be when a broken thermostat is failing to maintain comfortable temperatures. That could simply be a wiring or calibration issue with the thermostat and not an issue with your AC unit itself. A professional can help figure out what you need and recalibrate the device if needed.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

Without an examination, it tends to be hard to know why the house isn’t cooling off uniformly. It’s normal for it to be warmer upstairs than it is on the ground floor because heat rises. However, a dramatic change in temperatures between different rooms often signals a problem with ductwork, vents, or even air filters.

Bad smells or noises

Popping sounds from the AC device itself also demand urgent action. Not repairing a loose or broken part right away can result in extensive damage to the unit. There are times when these types of problems can be repaired, but at other times it may be more sensible to replace the entire unit. Foul odors could be from a burnt wire, or they could indicate the presence of mold in your ducts.

When the unit is inspected properly then the ultimate source of the problem will be determined. Sometimes all that’s needed to fix an issue is a good cleaning, or a simple repair, by a qualified professional.


It is always a bad sign when you find leaks in your AC unit. No matter what the leak is, water or refrigerant, repairing it will be quite costly. It’s often more economical to replace a faulty air conditioner than to repair it, especially if it’s an older unit.

High energy bills.

Energy bills that are higher than usual without the added use of an air conditioner are cause for concern. Something is causing your unit to work harder than it needs to. If the unit hasn’t had a tune-up in a while or if it’s still fairly new, it may be time for a servicing.

If the unit is already old, then its issues may be caused by its old age already. An examination will be more detailed and will let you know. If it needs replacement, you can find a professional today who can let you know about the more efficient options in the market.